The Best Boxing Training Equipment: All You Need To Know About Boxing Equipment

When it comes to preparing for the ring or staying in shape, having the right boxing training equipment is paramount. These tools not only aid in developing your skills but also play a crucial role in keeping you safe during intense workouts. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a good look into the various boxing training equipment available and their functions.

Boxing Training Equipment: Clothing and Protective Gear / Products

Among all available boxing training equipment, the right clothing and protective wear are the most essential. These items not only keep you comfortable but also protect you from injuries during your intense training sessions. With Fierce Fight Gear, you can have these pro boxing training equipment customized with graphics, color, and more at affordable prices. Let’s explore each of these items in more detail:

Boxing Vests

Boxing vests are designed with moisture-wicking materials that keep your upper body cool and dry during workouts. They provide freedom of movement, allowing you to throw punches without restriction. A well-fitted boxing vest can enhance your comfort and performance in the gym or ring. We offer boxing vests for men, women, and even kids with a variety of customizable options such as satin, size, prints, design, and more. Take a look at our collection now!

Boxing T-shirts

Another clothing boxing training equipment is the boxing t-shirt and with Fierce Fight Gear, you can get these T-shirts fully customizable and with high durability. Boxing tees are a fundamental part of your boxing attire and they help maintain your body temperature and keep you dry during workouts. Look for Fierce Fight Gear premium t-shirts made from moisture-wicking fabrics to ensure you stay comfortable even during the most strenuous training sessions. Get shipping anywhere you are in the USA after you buy any item.

Boxing Robes

Feel like a Champion in every fight with high-quality, advanced, and well designed boxing robes. These robes are more than just a stylish accessory, they serve a practical purpose by keeping any fighter’s muscles warm before a fight or training session. Wearing a robe helps reduce the risk of injury by ensuring your muscles are adequately prepared for intense physical activity.

These robes are also fully customizable with a variety of options and are affordable. Get yours now.


Boxing jackets are ideal for outdoor training or cooler indoor gyms. They provide an extra layer of warmth without compromising your mobility. Look for lightweight, breathable jackets that allow you to move freely while keeping you comfortable in various weather conditions.

Boxing Shorts

Boxing shorts are designed for comfort and ease of movement. They allow for a wide range of leg motion, which is crucial for footwork and agility. Choose shorts that fit well and don’t restrict your leg movements during training or fights.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves are the most iconic piece of boxing equipment. They provide protection for your hands and wrists during training and sparring sessions. These leather gloves come in various sizes and weights and some come with adjustable bands, so you can choose the right pair for your specific needs. Heavier gloves (16 oz) are typically used for sparring, while lighter ones are suitable for bag work and speed and agility training. Need to pack a good punch? Get a fully customized boxing kit and MMA gear from our official Fight Store for the best result.

Groin Protector

The Groin guard is a straightforward yet essential piece of protective gear in boxing. Its primary purpose is evident: to safeguard the sensitive groin area during sparring sessions. This protective gear is particularly vital for male boxers, beginners and professionals, as it provides critical protection to a highly vulnerable part of the body.

Boxing wraps and gauze

Boxing wraps and gauze are indispensable for hand and wrist support. Wrapping your hands properly helps prevent injuries and offers stability to your wrists as you deliver powerful punches. This extra layer of protection is a must-have for every boxer. 

Boxing gauzes

Best Boxing Equipment For Training

Now that you know all the clothing and protective wear, let’s take a look at the basic boxing training equipment and understand the role each item plays in honing a boxer’s skills:

Bell or Timer

A boxing bell or timer is a critical tool in training. It keeps your workouts structured and disciplined by signaling the start and end of rounds. This precision in timing is essential for practicing drills, controlling rest intervals, and simulating actual fight conditions during training sessions.

Double End Bag

The double end bag is a dynamic training tool that helps improve hand-eye coordination, accuracy, and reflexes. It consists of a small bag tethered to both the floor and ceiling by elastic cords. Hitting the double end bag requires precision, as it moves unpredictably, challenging you to adjust and land accurate punches.

Heavy Bag

The heavy bag is a cornerstone of boxing training. It provides a target for practicing power punches, kicks, and combinations. Striking a heavy bag helps build strength, endurance, and technique while also enhancing footwork and balance. It’s an essential component of any boxer’s training routine.

Boxing Reflex Ball

A boxing reflex ball, also known as a boxing reflex training ball or simply a reflex ball, is a small, lightweight training tool used by boxers and martial artists to improve their hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and overall boxing skills. This training equipment consists of a small ball, often attached to an elastic cord or string, which is secured to a headband or cap worn by the user. The objective is to hit the ball as it swings toward you, simulating the movements and unpredictability of an opponent’s punches.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is a classic and effective exercise for boxers and it can be used for fitness and training at home. It offers a high-intensity cardiovascular workout while improving footwork, agility, and coordination. Incorporating jump rope exercises into your routine helps enhance your overall conditioning and stamina.

Pads / Punch Mitts

Focus pads, also known as pads, are essential for partner training. These hand-held targets are typically held by a coach or training partner. They allow boxers to practice combinations and punches with precision, enhancing their accuracy, timing, and hand speed. Pads are invaluable for refining technique. You can get affordable and durable boxing pads and mitts from our online Fight shop to help you train better.


Parachutes are resistance training tools that attach to a boxer’s waist. They create drag as you move, increasing resistance and making your movements more challenging. Training with parachutes is an effective way to boost speed, explosiveness, and overall power.

Speed bag

The speed bag is a small, air-filled bag that hangs from a platform. It’s an essential tool for enhancing hand speed and timing. Hitting the speed bag in a rhythmic pattern not only provides a cardiovascular workout but also sharpens your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Speed ladders

Speed ladders are used for footwork drills. They consist of a series of rungs on the ground that you step in and out of quickly. This training tool helps improve footwork, agility, and overall quickness in the ring. Speed ladders are essential for enhancing your movement skills.

Sparring Equipment

Sparring is a fundamental training practice in combat sports that is carried out to practice and refine various techniques, strategies, and skills related to the sport while also assessing and improving one’s physical conditioning. What boxing coaching equipment is needed for this? Let’s find out!

16 Oz Gloves

Sparring gloves are typically heavier, with 16 oz gloves being a common choice. These gloves offer extra padding and protection for both you and your sparring partner during intense training sessions. They are essential for practicing techniques and improving your skills while minimizing the risk of injury. Get your 16 Oz boxing gloves from us today!

Body protector

A body protector, worn by your training partner, allows you to practice body shots without causing harm. It absorbs the impact of punches, ensuring a safe and productive sparring session. The body protector is especially valuable for working on precision and power in your punches.

Groin Protector

Just as important as your own safety is the safety of your training partner. A groin protector is a crucial piece of sparring equipment that ensures protection for sensitive areas. It’s a necessary addition to your gear to create a safe and respectful training environment.

Head Guard

Protecting your head and face during sparring is paramount. A head guard provides cushioning and protection against accidental blows, reducing the risk of head injuries. It’s an indispensable safety accessory for both amateur and professional boxers.

Boxing Accessories

Other boxing accessories to take note of are:

  • Boxing timer
  • Mouthguard
  • Boxing Shoes
  • Hand Mitts
  • Water Bottle and Hydration Pack
  • Boxing Bag Gloves
  • Grip Strengtheners

Boxing Gloves? Punching Bags? What do you need to train boxing at home?

To train boxing at home, you’ll need boxing gloves, a heavy bag or alternative training equipment, hand wraps, and comfortable workout attire. You can also invest in a jump rope and focus mitts for a more comprehensive home training setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you need to start boxing training for the first time?

If you’re new to boxing, start with the basics: comfortable clothing, boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a jump rope. As you progress, you can gradually add more equipment like heavy bags and speed ladders.

How should you train for boxing?

Effective boxing training involves a combination of techniques, strength and conditioning, and sparring. A well-rounded routine includes shadow boxing, bag work, pad work, footwork drills, and cardiovascular exercises. It’s crucial to have a structured training plan and seek guidance from a qualified coach or trainer.

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